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Nebraska Based

Speaker Trent Loos

Humorist & Storyteller on Rural America

Loos Tales is dedicated to exploring the interesting people and places of Rural America. It is the creation of Trent Loos, a sixth generation United States farmer with a passion for the rural lifestyle.

Loos records, produces and sends his radio programs from wherever his travels take him using his laptop computer and the internet. He presently has a radio listening audience of 4 million and can be heard on more than 100 stations across the country.

Trent's radio programming includes daily Loos Tales and Rural Route programming as well as Dakota Trails & Tales, Colorado Trails & Tales, Loos Trails & Tales and Illinois Truth be Told.
Loos also can frequently be found addressing agricultural and non-agricultural groups alike. Among his favorite audiences are our nation's youth where he takes the opportunity to talk with them about the importance of food as a matter of national security and the value of their involvement in today's food production system.

Trent was raised on a diversified farm near Quincy, IL. He entered the hog business at a young age and has been involved in livestock production ever since. He and his wife Kelli operate a purebred Limousin and Angus herd. They enjoy working cattle, training horses and raising their three daughters on their ranch in central Nebraska.

Speaking up for agriculture

Trent travels the country motivating and educating his audience on issues related to animal agriculture and food production.   His audiences vary in age, background, mission and profession, but they all come away enthused about bridging the gap between food producers and consumers. When addressing youth groups, Trent emphasizes the importance and pride associated with being involved in U.S. food production in the future.

Speaking Opportunities

Motivation - Fire up your group or organization with a motivational presentation

Leadership - Learn the skills needed to be a leader in standing up for agriculture and today's food production system

Youth Groups - The future of the ag industry belongs to our youth. How will we get them back to the farm?


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