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Dan Lier

"Maximize Your True Potential"

Dan Lier is the most requested and booked speaker here in Las Vegas, best-selling author and expert in human behavior.  All his talks are customized to fit the needs of the customer. Dan is an executive coach, business consultant and former top speaker with Tony Robbins. With a decade of experience and over a 3,500 customized presentations, along with coverage by The Today Show and Inside Edition, Dan’s track record speaks for itself.

Dan’s relevant content and charismatic delivery allow him to connect and impact audiences from any industry while providing inspiration and the tools to “raise the bar.”

From high performing executives and seasoned veterans, to newly hired sales professionals, Dan’s message on “Taking it to the Next Level” is a crowd favorite. From a former college basketball player on two national championship teams to a top performing sales producer, Dan knows what it take to win.

Most Requested Topics:

Take it to the Next Level– a high powered presentation provided people with the tools and strategies to go the next level of productivity

Attitude equals Altitude – addressing the impact of harnessing a positive attitude

Change Your Mindset, Increase Your Productivity
- Winning from the inside-out. Programming yourself for success

Overcoming Adversity – Strategies on how to effectively deal with challenge

“Change for the Better” – Change is mandatory, growth is optional. How to use change as a catalyst for success.

Leadership – Characteristics of an effective leader. Develop and build leaders around you

High Impact Presentation Training

Attention executives, management and sales professionals; if you are looking to take your public speaking / presentation skills to the next level, then Dan Lier’s High Impact Presentation Training is the answer.

 “This 2-day event taught me skills that would normally taken months or years to learn! I now have more confidence in communicating with an audience along with numerous influential and persuasive tools. - Tia Rhodes, VP Hotel Operations, Flamingo Hotel & Casino

In this two-day, high impact course, you will learn:

  • What you Must Know Before Every Presentation
  • Fundamentals of a Powerful Presentation
  • The Psychology of Influence
  • Influential Language Patterns
  • How to Conquer "Stage Fright"
  • How to Connect with a “challenging” audience
  • How to Present with Power
  • How to Close with Impact

Limited to 8 participants – Held two successive days or two 1-day sessions.
Event can be held either at your location or Las Vegas, NV.
Participants receive workbooks, scripts and are videotaped.

Sales Mastery

Learn the skills practiced by the top performing sales professionals that will take you to the next level.

  • Learn the Psychology of a Top Performer
  • Preparation
  • Prospecting
  • Rapport Building
  • Phone Skills
  • Understanding What the Buyer Wants
  • Creating Conviction
  • Closing
  • Getting Referrals
“The Dan Lier Sales Mastery course is a must of anyone looking to maximize their income. - William Boone Finnerty, UBS Financial

Course is available as:

* 1-day High Impact Selling
* 2-day Sales Mastery

Employee Development Program

When is the last time your administrative staff attended a program to boost their esteem or advance their mindset?

Companies now understand that their results are linked to the growth of your entire organization, not just the sales force. The Dan Lier EDP is designed for ALL employees, as the collective psychology, motivation and belief of an organization will impact your bottom line!

Being Your Best – 7 Steps to Success

  • How your beliefs impact your success or failure
  • The beliefs of a top performer
  • How to change your beliefs
  • The Attitude of a Champion
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • The Power of Perspective
  • How to take action with consistency

Team Building Retreats

Take your leadership team to the Next Level with Dan Lier’s team building retreat.

Kick off the morning with a teambuilding event followed by a live, interactive workshop designed to fit your needs.

  • Problem solving skills, communication techniques, and ability to build on individual contributions.
  • Think strategically, clarify roles early on and communicate effectively throughout this challenge.
  • Goal setting and achievement, planning and utilization of group resources..

"Dan Lier is one of the finest speakers we've ever had at our annual meeting. He was impactful, empowering and dynamic."- Sheryl Palmer, VP Sales Pulte Homes

"Dan's passion and commitment to human achievement inspires people to new levels of success."- Anthony Robbins, Author, Awaken the Giant Within & Unlimited Power.
"Dan's well thought out message and dynamic presentation style had a profound impact on our annual meeting."- Jim Ferrell, CEO/President - Ferrellgas
"Dan Lier's impactful, yet approachable style was a really big hit at our meetings. He gave our team tools to use within a well delivered, entertaining message."- Sherri Gilligan - VP Finance, Sprint PCS
"Dan's ability to inspire our best gave us the edge on the competition. He has taken our top sales force and put them on a LEVEL 20!"- Don Barden, Managing Director, 401(k) Sales, MetLife
 “This 2-day event taught me skills that would normally taken months or years to learn! I now have more confidence in communicating with an audience along with numerous influential and persuasive tools.”- Tia Rhodes, VP Hotel Operations, Flamingo Hotel & Casino
“The Dan Lier Sales Mastery course is a must of anyone looking to maximize their income.” - William Boone Finnerty, UBS Financial

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Topics: Overcoming Adversity, Change, Leadership