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Danielle Kennedy

"A Woman That Will Inspire You"


* Danielle Kennedy is one of the nation's foremost motivational speakers  with an emphasis on sales, motivation and life balance.

* She has addressed more than 1500 corporations and professional organizations.

* Personalizes every speech for each client depending on convention theme or issues.
Kennedy's motto? "We are most motivated when we are most productive; we are least motivated when we are least productive."

* CPAE Hall of Fame--National Speakers Association.

* Sales and Marketing Executives International Hall of Fame.

* Sales and Marketing Executive's Ambassador of Free Enterprise.

* 2009 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award Nominee.

Why hire Danielle Kennedy for your next event?

She is very entertaining. Is there anything worse than a boring speaker? Who cares about great credentials if the speaker is not engaging the audience. She is a recognized performer on stage and screen. The combination of a strong business credentials, coupled with excellent presentation skills is unbeatable.

You're hiring a speaker who has walked the talk. A business-owner who's company captured 30% market share.

A commissioned salesperson who reached the top 1% in her industry while raising a family of 8 children. She sold more than your toughest competition.She can pass on to your team just exactly how it is accomplished. Her down-to-earth practical methods of building a business have enabled thousands to become millionaires 20 years ahead of time!

Her message is timeless because it is based on building a sound business relationship. The secret is in the process which combines  passion, commitment and specific communication skills. Danielle knows how to translate that to her audiences with humor and incredible energy.

She is a recognized expert. Author of 8 best-selling books on sales and motivation. She has received the coveted CPAE from National Speakers Association. And yes, she is one of a handful of women inducted into the Sales and Marketing Executives International Hall of Fame. In 2008 she was named one of the top 25 most influential women in the real estate industry.

Topics include:

*Are you fit to succeed? One her most popular presentations which combines inspiring story-telling and humor with how to turn every set back into a future success.

*Branding you: How to create customers for life using her underground networking secrets.

*The art of capturing and converting more qualified prospects 24/7.

*Stop Stressing and Start Living: How to become a stress responder vs. stress reactor.

*The Leadership Management Formula for building winning teams.

*Customized presentations based on your current company issues

*If you bring in Danielle Kennedy, the payback will be sizeable. Your teams’ attitude and productivity will be noticeably changed. You and your company will have met a mentor for life. Her clients invite her back over and over again.


"Kennedy is a game-changer who can help anyone learn how to sell anything."

Larry Wilson - Best-selling author and corporate consultant.

"If you have the desire to reach your full potential in sales, you will find the value of the material in 'Seven Figure Selling' to  be incalculable. It's a must read for anyone committed to a career in selling. Danny has the unique ability to teach in such a way that you do not realize how much you are learning because you enjoy it so much..."

Tom Hopkins - International Sales Trainer and Author

"No one can sell like Danielle!"

Dr. Denis Waitley

"Danielle Kennedy has written a sales book from the heart. I know her common sense approach to instinctive salesmanship works, because she and I have been successfully practicing these principles all of our lives. Her down to earth approach is a breath of fresh air in an era when sale's "how to" books are sometimes overwritten and technocratic."

Judi Sheppard Missett - Founder and CEO of Jazzercise

"This book is a unique and wonderful contribution to the art of professional selling. Danielle Kennedy has brought together a remarkable blend of practical insights and skills combined with a sensitive knowledge of personal emotions and character. Every sales professional should have this book as part of their permanent reading library."

Brian Tracy - Brian Tracy Learning Systems

"Her philosophy and methods of selling are some of the most original and creative ideas of this century."

Lane Nemeth - President of Discovery Toys

"There is no other sales trainer with more credibility, practicality and likability than Danielle Kennedy. If you are committed to a more productive career, you must hear her and read her books. I attended Danielle Kennedy's first talk, and have been learning from her ever since. It is impossible to listen to, or to read Danielle's practical and proven ideas and not be more successful."

Patricia Fripp - Author, and International Speaker, and Speaking Coach

"Danielle Kennedy is one of the most successful sales motivators in the nation. For years, I've heard audiences rave about the value of her speeches and ideas. Her message says: Hard work, think smart, and show that you care."

Jim Cathcart - Author and Hall of Fame Speaker

"Danielle is one of the most outstanding speakers I have ever heard. She combines energy and enthusiasm with workable ideas for increased sales. Her leadership skills will empower you to achieve even greater success."

Rita Davenport - President of Arbonne International

"There is in Danielle Kennedy's writing an energy, a passion, that freights her message every bit as persuasively as the message itself. If she's selling, I'm sold."

Digby Wolfe - USC Professor/Multple Emmy Award Nominee and Winner

"I have admired Danielle Kennedy's incredible energy level and speaking skills for many years."

Don Hutson - Author, Speaker

"She is a teacher and to anyone in the field of sales, her lectures and books should be required reading."

Flavia Weedn - Artist, Writer, Designer

"Each page in 'Working Moms Calm' holds the gift of personal truth, showing us, just how many wonderful options we have to enrich our own lives and those we most dearly love"

Demi Moore -  Actress

"Danielle Kennedy epitomizes someone who started with natural talent and then with dedication and determination, made the talent blossom into something glorious and permanent and inspiring to millions of people. Danielle keeps honing her talent, finding different ways for it to be realized and I expect that will be true of her when she is 90."

Pat McCormick - Four Time Olympic Gold Medalist

"Danielle and her book, how can I say enough? First of all it influenced my own start to a real estate career and I just had to meet her to share with her the success that she helped me to achieve my first 3 years in the business. By then I was known as "the Upper Eastside Lady" thanks to following her suggestions on what we then called "farming." Then I owned my own firm and all our agents used her book like a guide. Now as the CEO of a Realtor Association we have hired her many times to help our members learn how to give good service to their sellers and buyers. The reviews on her presentations are always top rate but still they get better. She is that rare bottle of wine that really does get better over time. Read the book and use the ideas, it will only make your career better too."

"Sometimes those who are successful are called 'lucky' by those who are not. The Irish have some sayings about luck. In this industry there are those who settle for "good enough" and those who are 'afraid of success' and those who 'strive to be better.' Only the last group reads books or implements what they learn. Those lucky enough to discover "Danielle" are lucky enough!"

Kathleen Schulte

"I think Danielle is the most tried and true tested program for getting listings regardless of the market. Her system works for anyone ready to go out the front door and meet people. It does not rely on memorized complicated scripts or outrageous expenditures for the newest and greatest software. Danielle's approach is one of meeting people, letting them know what you can do for them and building trust. More than ever today, the public wants to believe they can trust you because the public trust has been violated on so many levels. Danielle's book is a roadmap for building trust with your clients which means you will have a lifetime of quality business.

I recently reconnected through facebook with a friend of mine that I had not spoken to since college. In catching up it turned out we were both now Realtors. She is in Oregon and I am in Nevada. When I mentioned I was working on the forward for Danielle's book, she recounted for me that when she started in real estate nine years ago that book was her guide to starting her business. She said it is now dog earred and she has lent it to many other new Realtors. This is the true testimony why Danielle is so lasting. Her strategy works to sell anything because she relies on honesty and providing good information."

Fafie Moore - Broker/Owner Realty Executives

"From the beginning, HTLS became my real estate bible. Danielle's savvy insights and time-tested advice are invaluable - guaranteed to help anyone become a top sales professional. For over 20 years I have preached and applied 'the Danielle Kennedy Way' in my business, and I fully attribute her proven systems and techniques to my success in real estate."

Tina Jimov - President of Tarbell REALTORS®

"Danielle's book is a great book for anyone who would like to double or triple their success. She is a great speaker, motivator, coach, and teacher. Her down-to-earth approach, her scripts, extremely entertaining presentation skills, her humor, her passion, her leadership skills can empower anyone to rise to the top and go for excellence. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her own life, her "ages of wisdom", her talent can help anyone to become a top sales professional .

Danielle, the information and materials you share are invaluable, you are the best of the best in the Real Estate industry as a role model, coach, speaker, leader. Your book became my R.E. bible, and it brought me tremendous success!

For over 20 years I preached and applied 'the Danielle Kennedy way' in my business, and I attributed my success to  your systems, your techniques, your from the heart approach. We all have heroes in our lives and in my life you are among them. Of course my mom is #1, who always believed in me and instilled in me 'can do attitude' but you taught me how to use that attitude and achieve success in my business and in life.

You are the most dynamic woman I have ever met in my life! You are the best of the best, yesterday, today and tomorrow!"


"Danielle Kennedy's presentation at our TBR 2009 Spring Seminar was overwhelming well-received. Our members were thrilled with her performance and with her message, which was so appropriate for our group and the real estate market we are facing. Danielle's Rescue Plan for Success helped to motivate and inspire our REALTOR members. We received exceptionally positive feedback and we look forward to having her back in Tallahassee again."

Christy O'Connell - Director of Education & Events, Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®

Danielle Kennedy Bio

Hiring a speaker is a big responsibility. If you choose the wrong one for your next important event, your colleagues will never forgive you. Danielle Kennedy is a speaker who will not let you down. When it comes to both business and life experiences, she has walked the talk. Her presentation is dynamic, entertaining, and story-driven. But her stories and experiences are interlaced with facts, valuable lessons and insights that will dramatically increase your company’s bottom line and improve individual outlooks and attitudes. No one knows more about balancing a family and multiple careers than Danielle Kennedy. Each stage of her incredible career has taken her to new challenges.

Stage #1: While raising 5 children, Danielle became one of the leading commissioned real estate salespeople in the United States. All of her business was self-generated through door-knocking, cold calling and building an army of past customer referrals. In the midst of building her business, she wrote her first best-selling book How To List and Sell Real Estate (30th Anniversary Edition releases in March, 2010). This “bible” of real estate has sold in excess of one million copies. It specifically teaches salespeople how to build a successful business, no matter what challenges the real estate economy presents. After she became an award-winning saleswoman (top 1% in the nation) she started her own company which maintained 30% market share for 5 years running. She sold that company to her partners and then moved into the training and speaking business. At age 40 she gave birth to her 6th child.

Stage #2: Kennedy builds Danielle Kennedy Productions, a sales training company that has taken her all over the world presenting keynote speeches, seminars and consulting sessions during the last 20 years. During this time of her life she went back to school and received her Masters degree in Professional Writing at the University of Southern California. She has continued to author 6 more books which include: Seven Figure Selling and WorkingMoms. Calm - How Smart Women Balance Family and Career. (See Books) Her training products are available on cds , dvds, and downloads on the internet. Today thousands of salespeople in many industries have invested in her training materials, mastering her powerful how to's to improve their business. All of her methods are based on her vast history of experiences in sales, leadership/management and balancing a very large family life. It is not hyperbole. She walks the talk.

Stage #3: Danielle continues to deliver keynote speeches, seminars and has added consulting to her services provided through Danielle Kennedy Productions. Her consulting work takes her to specific companies on a quarterly basis over a period of one or two years. These companies report outstanding results in their sales teams’ overall productivity. Her educational background in theatre, communication and writing make her the ideal presenter for your next meeting. She is also an actress who consistently appears on stage and screen. She has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame, The Sales and Marketing Executives Hall of Fame, named “Ambassador of Free Enterprise” for The Sales and Marketing Executives, was voted in the top 25 most influential people in real estate in 2008, and in 2009 was nominated for an Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award for outstanding performance in a play.


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