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South Carolina Based

Jane Jenkins Herlong

Motivational Humorist, Comedian & Award Winning Singer


Jane entertains using funny, original Southern stories, folksy wisdom and singing to help folks live more productive, stress-free lives. Jane believes in the extraordinary healing power of humor and story telling. As a Southern Humorist, Jane combines humor, original Southern stories, and her award-winning singing (you may hear a parody or two) with life lessons. Combining her talents audiences “laugh at” while learning “how to” handle difficulties at home and in the workplace.

Originally from Johns Island, South Carolina, Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP received her BA degree from Columbia College and attended graduate school at The College of Charleston. Jane is a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association which is the highest earned designation in professional speaking.

Jane is a former Miss South Carolina and represented South Carolina in the Miss America Pageant. Jane is a nationally known professional speaker, award-winning professional singer, recording artist and published author. Jane has been privileged to share the stage with many well-known personalities such as: Colin Powell, Charlton Heston and Rudolph Giuliani and Dr. Charles Stanley.

Jane is a published author appearing in "Guideposts Magazine", "Successful Farming", "Baby Boomer", and featured in "Today's American Woman" magazine. She is the author of the book, "Bare Feet to High Heels; You Don't have to Be a Beauty Queen to be a Beautiful Person." In addition, Jane is a guest newspaper columnist.

Jane travels throughout the United States and has spoken in New Zealand and Germany. She has also recorded thirteen multimedia products of her speaking presentations and singing performances.

Jane has performed the National Anthem at Radio City Music Hall, for the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Hawks, and for numerous national bowl games as well as college and university football and basketball games across the United States.

Jane is active in her church and community and serves on the Parent Advisory Board at Clemson University, a Commissioner for Piedmont Technical College of South Carolina, Chair of the National Speakers Association Scholarship Committee and serves on the Foundation Board of the National Speakers Association.

Jane is the mother of two and married to Thomas Herlong. Jane and her family live on the family farm in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

Don't Throw Tomatoes at my Field of Dreams!
When life gives you over-ripened tomatoes, make some ketchup Jane shares successful business and life strategies learned from working in her father’s tomato fields. Perfect for customer service groups and anyone who needs to out think or re-think competition. Jane’s use of real-life, humorous stories focus on personal accountability, life-balance and promotes highest standards of ethics for peak performance and bottom line productivity. Ideal for Seminars and Keynotes In this presentation your groups will learn:
  • The value in making great mistakes
  • Business as usual is not business as usual
  • How difficult people can empower you
  • Identify the Best-Worst-Thing that Ever Happened
  • How to get customers for life

You Don't Have to be the CEO to be a VIP

Real answers for today’s real life problems. Developing a winning attitude will make a positive impact on every problem work or life can throw your way. The focus in on having vision, initiative and perspective VIP! Jane believes anyone can achieve peak performance. Perfect for General Sessions In this presentation your groups will learn:
Principled behavior for fool-proof results
The pitfalls of over-functioning •    Embracing troubles to motivate your performance
Always to able to laugh at yourself!


Perfect for youth audiences, this keynote is Jane's formula for, initiative and perspective tailored to the youth of today. In this high energy, musical presentation, Jane shares her personal journey scoring a A + with Elementary, Junior High, High School and College students. Ideal Keynote for Youth Groups   

Bare Feet to High Heels and the Flip-Flops In-Between
This presentation is filled with heart and sole! Taken from Jane's book, Bare Feet to High Heels, Jane shares her journey from the farm to being labeled Dyslexic all the runway of the Miss America Pageant and beyond. Jane’s stories are guaranteed to make you laugh, and maybe even tear a bit while striving for your personal best! Ideal for Women’s groups for Keynotes or Seminars In this program your groups will learn:
  • The power of humor in dealing with problems
  • Life is like a flip-flop; life will flip but don’t you be a flop
  • Empower your life to handle stress
Jane Jenkins Herlong’s One Woman Show! A musical journey filled with singing, humor, and just lots of fun! She uses humor and insight to illustrate a point and her awarding-winning singing changes points to exclamation points! Perfect for women's groups but men love it, too! Ideal for after dinner entertainment

Bury Me With My Pearls
This presentation is a classic and real jewel! Perfect for women who are searching for living their legacies. Jane uses her pearl analogy; cultured, uncultured, and the power of the seed pearls to empower women to handle business and personal challenges with grace and a sense of humor. Our pearls are jewels of wisdom that we leave to this world.

This presentation is perfect for women who love to laugh, eat and win a door prize.

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