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Rock & Blues Dance Band

BluesAgent was born out of a situation that many bands unfortunately experience.  Uncle Joe Boarman was part of an Irish band that got hired to play for a St. Patrick’s Day party at an Omaha area bar.  Well, the crowd wanted rock and roll dance music and showed its displeasure.  It got ugly.  One member of the band quit after that gig and the rest of the band was discouraged.

Uncle Joe contacted Torri Pantaleon, a drummer with whom he worked in a novelty band for several years.  Uncle Joe asked if Torri wanted to start a dance rock band.  Never turning down an opportunity or challenge, Torri signed up.

They found another local musician to play lead and began to rehearse.  Originally called “The G-Men,” they settled on BluesAgent after they found out how many bands were called “The G-Men.”  Although getting several gigs after one year as a band, they couldn’t seem to keep a bass player.  Finally, Uncle Joe ran across Bob Roose.  Bob came on board and things really started to change for the better.  Bob not only added competent bass playing, his singing gave the band four strong voices.

Things still didn’t feel quite right and for good reason.  The lead player notified the band that the next gig would be his last with BluesAgent.  Torri held a meeting with Uncle Joe and Bob saying that the band should stay together and that all three be very proactive in finding a new lead player.

Bob brought in Mark Nelson, a well-known Omaha musician.  What a stroke of fortune!  Amazingly, Mark and Uncle Joe knew each other. After the first rehearsal with Mark, the chemistry was sealed.  BluesAgent now has all the right pieces in place.

Mark and Bob can both play several instruments, while Uncle Joe is proficient as a rhythm guitarist on the six and 12-string guitar.  All four sing, giving the band a strong vocal element.  Uncle Joe, Bob and Torri mix and match as backup vocalists with strong harmonies.
All of the guys have been playing in the Omaha area for years and they all bring varied playing experience and music tastes into BluesAgent giving it a strength and ability to interpret songs that many other bands don’t have.

The band’s philosophy is to have fun, make people happy and get them to dance.  If they don’t dance, at least have them tapping their toes and singing along.  BluesAgent plays rock and blues dance songs.  Whether the song is fast or slow, you can bet that you can dance to it.

A veteran TV sportscaster and play-by-play announcer, Torri’s outgoing personality allows him to be the band’s spokesman during gigs.  His ability to interact with a crowd has been invaluable.  Uncle Joe has many years as a solo acoustic musician/singer and has helped him hone his stage presence.  Uncle Joe is also excellent at playing to a crowd.

BluesAgent Band Members

BOB ROOSE, Bass Guitar, Vocals

Bob was born, raised and educated in Omaha.  An experienced musician, Bob is multi-talented being proficient in playing the keyboards, accordion, guitar, percussion, flute and the Penny Whistle!

Bob has experience in a wide variety of musical styles including rock n’ roll, soul, country, funk, Christian and now BluesAgent.  Bob’s past bands have opened for Professor Morrison's Lollipop, Head East, Jumping Kate & Bono Sisters among many.

A great addition to the band, Bob filled a strong need at bass guitar.  His vocal ability adds a strong dimension to the band as he can pick out any harmony part and go with it, however he also has strong lead vocals.  BluesAgent benefited from Bob’s presence in more than one way, as he introduced lead player Mark Nelson to the band.

Bob’s musical influences are as wide as his own experiences.  He likes Steely Dan, Yes, Karlo Bonoff, Irving Berlin, Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

As for BluesAgent, Bob says he’s glad to be part of it all because, “I enjoy making 'em dance.”

MARK NELSON, Lead Guitar, vocals

Mark was born in Moline, Illinois, on the muddy banks of the Mississippi.  Mark says that when he was born, the doctor slapped his behind and said, "Fine, fine, fine!"  We know that’s not true.  The doctor slapped Mark’s mother instead!

An accomplished musician, he rips/shreds the lead for BluesAgent, but can also play keyboards and bass.  A veteran of the Omaha music scene, Mark has played for many bands and is in high demand to fill in with several area known bands like The Confidentials.
Mark says, “I’m tickled to be pickin' with BluesAgent and am working on my stealth Strat knockoff guitar to transcend space and time with Bob, Uncle Joe and Torri, bringing Humanity to the next cosmic level of Sublimity!”  Huh????
His claims to fame?  “I shook hands with Carlos Santana, Lowell George and Buckminster Fuller.”  He adds, “I'm looking forward to entertaining Mid-America with this great band - BluesAgent!”

TORRI PANTALEON, Drummer, Vocals

 Torri is a native of Mansfield, Massachusetts, and cut his musical teeth on rock and roll and has been playing the drums since the 8th grade.
Many Omaha area residents remember Torri as a sportscaster for KETV, Channel 7 and as a play-by-play announcer.  His on-air experience allows him to relate to a crowd which really comes in handy as the band’s spokesman during gigs.  Torri enjoys having fun with people and uses his sense of humor to do that.
He doesn’t consider himself a good singer, but was forced into singing early in his band experience because as Torri puts it, “Everyone else in the band was afraid to sing.” 
Torri can also harmonize, helping to give BluesAgent strong backup vocals.
He says, “Like most guys my age, I was heavily influenced by the British Invasion.  Some great music was pumped out then.  But the British weren’t the only ones making great sounds.”
Torri was also captivated by The Ventures, especially drummer Mel Taylor.  The Surfing Sound was also a big motivator for him. “Wipeout,”anyone?  Then……he discovered the Blues!
He’s played in many bands and has toured throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic opening for The Young Rascals, The McCoys, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels and many others.
He also spent over 11 years in the U.S. Navy all the time playing in bands.  With a wink he says that he can say he’s played Rome and Naples, Italy plus several Caribbean resorts.  Of course, it helped that he was stationed at Navy bases in those areas.
After an Honorable Discharge, Torri stayed in Omaha.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Omaha as well as going through UNO’s Masters program in Communications.
Torri has been playing in the area for many years with several bands, and now says he’s found a sweet home with BluesAgent.  “What’s better than playing rock and blues dance tunes?”

UNCLE JOE BOARMAN, 12 & 6 String Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Uncle Joe was born and raised just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana prior to enlisting in the U.S. Air Force where he saw combat action in Viet Nam.  That wasn’t exciting enough for him, so when he was honorably discharged from the Air Force, he enlisted into the U.S. Army!
Uncle Joe was originally a solo acoustic musician with a folk music background.  On any Saturday morning when the weather’s nice, you’ll find him on a corner in Omaha’s Old Market singing to the masses.  Uncle Joe’s singing ability allows him to take the lead on many vocals.  But he also has great ability to harmonize, so his backup vocals are also very strong.
His solo experience helped to hone his stage presence and ability to interact with a crowd.  Uncle Joe’s a friendly, likeable guy and with his looks that’s important!!
An interesting fact about Uncle Joe is that he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, which comes in handy when the band goes to eat at Chinese restaurants.  Uncle Joe is also a big guy with a big heart.
About BluesAgent, Uncle Joe offers, “We want to make people happy and get them to dance.  That’s why if it’s a fast or slow song, you have to be able to dance to it.  Of course, it also has to be either rock or blues.”  He brings invaluable experience playing six-string and 12-string rhythm guitar for the band.
 Uncle Joe likes to have fun and does, but also wants BluesAgent to sound the best that it can.


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