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Kristin Arnold

Passionate About Teams


Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CMC, CPF, CSP is passionate about people being engaged in working together.

As a high stakes meeting facilitator, trainer and keynote speaker, Kristin has worked with thousands of senior executives, project managers and team leaders, challenging their traditional notions about teamwork. In an engaging and interactive way, she presents concrete, practical concepts, tools and techniques her clients can immediately apply and realize substantive results.

Kristin works with organizations ranging from Fortune 500s, academia, military, government and nonprofits. Her highly customized speeches and seminars have become instrumental in helping teams achieve higher performance and exceptional results smoothly and more collaboratively.

Kristin knows what it takes to lead, facilitate and participate on high performing teams. She currently serves on the National Board of the National Speakers Association. She also served as President of the Downtown Hampton (Virginia) Development Partnership, a non-profit business organization attributed to turning Downtown Hampton from a quaint, sleepy town to a thriving, bustling entertainment, retail and residential center.

Eight Hallmarks of a High Performing Team

Teamwork is often used as a focal point or theme for an organization’s conference.  But what does “team work” really look like? 
Teamwork is more than just holding hands and singing Kumbya.  It’s about accomplishing results quickly, effectively and collaboratively.
Go beyond “touchy-feely” teamwork!
As a high stakes meeting facilitator, Kristin Arnold shares eight hallmarks for a high performing team – observable signs for when a team is firing on all cylinders.  She also shares concrete, practical techniques to take your team to the next level.
This keynote helps organizations and team members refocus their efforts on those traits that contribute to the evolution of truly extraordinary teams. 
1. Clear Goals
2. Robust Communication
3. Decision Making using a variety of tools and methods
4. Balanced Participation
5. Diversity of ideas, methods, experiences and opinions
6. Constructively Managed Conflict
7. Positive Atmosphere that encourages trust and openness
8. Participative Leadership

Kristin also works with the client to ensure key organizational messages are reinforced in a meaningful way.

What Our Clients Say…
“Just for the record, I think the use of the words “dynamic,”, “masterfully,” and “extraordinary” fit you perfectly…”
Senior Vice President, Houston, TX

“I’ve been leading teams for years, but Kristin really gave me lots of tips, techniques and ideas to make my teams even more effective!”
Director, Washington DC

“I thought Kristin was fabulous!  She has an awesome personality, and her presentation was very well organized and informative.  Her upbeat, enthusiastic personality really entertained, and the advice she provided was extremely valuable”.
President, Atlanta, GA

“It’s very clear that you know your subject matter and how to apply it effectively!”
Senior Manager, Arlington, VA


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